Learn to fight for your relationship and become a


More than likely you have been in a relationship or two where you threw in the towel because you “fell out of love.” I know I have!

But have you ever wondered whether you might have been able to rekindle the love for that once-so-special someone had you known how to fight for it?

Let’s face it-sometimes cupid goofs, and it just makes sense to call it quits. Maybe there is abuse or infidelity without a willingness on your partner’s part to change his or her destructive behavior.

But more often than not, I’ve found that people “misbehave” and/or lose hope because they simply don’t know how to work through a build up of resentment. Whereas they were once deeply in love—now they are deeply disgusted. As the “warrior for love” I bring to you over twenty plus years experience helping couples rebuild and strengthen their relationships. Learn how to fight for love, keep it alive, and thrive in your relationship.

 Hello and Welcome!

Are you looking for a down-to-earth, fun-loving, compassionate, yet no-nonsense, expert on dating, love, and romance? I’m “Dr. Debra” Mandel—“The Warrior for Love”-who also happens to be a psychologist, author, and speaker. 

I am very passionate about understanding the complexities and nuances of relationship dynamics and I will give you exercises and tools to be able to overcome defensiveness, become comfortable with vulnerability, and bring your love life to a new level of fulfillment.  I bring to you twenty-plus years experience helping all sorts of people, from all walks of life, learn to navigate through life’s inevitable challenges.

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